Top 5 movies by actor

Some of my favorite actors and my top 5 favorite movies with them. The actors are in no particular order, but I've tried to rank their movies from my most favorite starting on the left.


  • I have one of these too. Some great picks you have here!

  • GI Joe ahead of A Bittersweet Life? These better not be ranked!

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I had kind of forgotten about this list and realize I have to update it. If nothing else Django Unchained will be placing high in the DiCaprio set..

    @Thomas: I haven't seen a Bittersweet life yet! Byung-hun Lee was the only actor on this list that I really liked that I hadn't even seen 5 movies from. Still very much want to see it, but I'll probably see G.I Joe 2 beforehand, as bad as that may be.

    @Travis: It wouldn't surprise me if I stole this idea from you- I can't remember to be honest. I've shamelessly done it before!

  • Feel free!

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