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  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness


    2017 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week #3 -- Anime

    BELLADONNA OF SADNESS (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973)
    Cinelicious Pics Blu-Ray

    Unable to pay the extraordinary taxes imposed by a local land baron, poor Jeanne is taken captive and violated on her wedding night. Crawling home, she's spurned by her husband, and only finds solace in the visits of a strange apparition who promises an easier way. But what sacrifices will Jeanne have to make to exact her revenge? And who is her mysterious…

  • Siren



    SIREN (Gregg Bishop, 2016)
    Universal Studios DVD

    Less than enthused to be spending their bro's bachelor party at the low-end Temptations Gentleman's Club -- where the dancers wear flip-flops -- four guys eat 'shrooms and follow a mustachioed stranger who promises to show them the real Garden City, a place worthy of its reputation. They wind up at a secluded cabaret / brothel run by the mysterious Mr. Nyx, a showy fellow who has an unusual payment request -- their…

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  • The Jail: The Women's Hell

    The Jail: The Women's Hell


    2017 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week #2 -- Bruno Mattei

    THE JAIL: THE WOMEN'S HELL (Bruno Mattei, 2006)
    Intervision Picture Corp. DVD

    Welcome to The House of Lost Souls -- a Filipino prison camp where women are routinely treated to daily indignities like firehose wash-downs, mud shoveling, and bad coffee. Sassy Jennifer is the new fish on the cell block, and upon arrival she witnesses a noted troublemaker pulled from a tin-sided outhouse (dubbed The Devil's Hole), declared dead, and still…

  • Hostage



    2017 Cult Movie Challenge 
    Week #1 -- Ozploitation

    SAVAGE ATTRACTION (Frank Shields, 1983)
    Code Red Blu-Ray

    Leaving her broken home in search of new experiences, sixteen-year-old Christine joins a travelling carnival as a booth attendant, flirting her way through the days. She soon sets her sights on Walter, a German welder who reciprocates appropriately. And reciprocates again in the shower. But it isn't long before Walter wants marriage and children, and while laughed off at first, he convinces Christine otherwise…