American Reunion 2012 ★½

After watching the mediocre collection over the last few days I was completely underwhelmed by this drivel.
It seems to be quite clear that the majority of the cast have been out of work for a while and so in a last ditch attempt at making some pocket money to keep their celebrity lifestyles afloat.
The film seemed to be run completely on the comedy 'dickheadness' once again, of Steve Stifler. He once again provided the laugh out loud moments (when there were any) whereas the rest of the cast seemed to just have something to moan about that their lives hadn't turned out right.
The saddest thing about the film was that at the end they seem to hint to making more of these now awful films. The first and second films at least offered something new with a new kind of teen comedy and even the third was funny but this was just down right poor.
I pray that this is the 'final slice' of American Pie and the series can maybe bow out with some dignity in tact.


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