Heathers 1988 ★★★★

Heathers is a surprisingly dark mix of teen comedy, murder mystery and impassioned moral agendas with a devilishly clever wit. Winona Ryder plays Veronica, an idealistic teenage age girl conforming to shallow popularity - by way of the most popular clique in school, the Heathers. She finds herself smitten by Christian Slater's J.D., a rebel who lives to the extreme, but she has no idea how dangerous his extremes are. Veronica becomes caught up in his disturbing obsession with suicide that results in a noirish murder mystery. Their chemistry is perfect, but it is Slater's cynical, downright nihilistic performance that has an emotion presence that steals the show. J.D.'s strained, but oddly affectionate relationship with his father is comedic gold. In part a potent satire of high school life with all its pretensions and repressed emotions. The commentary on corruptible society its need to justify all of life's un-predictablities is exploitive, but, at the same time, often highly entertaining. Michael Lehmann embraces the twisted nature of the film, and his stylish tongue-in-cheek approach makes this a pleasure you may feel weird admitting to.

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  • I'm glad you enjoyed this film. I've always loved this film! Great review! On top of everything you said, this has a lot of great quotes, many highly quotable, hilarious and memorable!

    "I love my dead gay son!"
    "Chaos was what killed the dinosaurs darling."
    "If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game show host."

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