One Loudoun Alamo 100

Here at The Alamo we are given the amazing opportunity to watch, talk and swoon over our most favorite-est things; Movies. However being given the Hurculean task of rating our top 100 films of all time is like asking us to rate our children in order of favorite to least, knowing some of them won't make the cut.

The Alamo Drafthouse has created its essential list The Alamo 100. As the Creative Manager for The Alamo One Loudoun, I have been given my most difficult task yet in creating my own personal 100.

This list is NOT the end all, be all lists of most well crafted, beautiful, cinematically perfect films of all time. This is a personal list of essential movies that have molded me as an individual to have such a passion for film and everything that comes with it.

With all sincerity and snarkless love, here is my (Aaron Prescott) personal Alamo 100.


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