New York City 2012 Commercial Releases

Films commercially released in NYC in 2012, as per (Basis for Skandies eligibility.)

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  • Update through to weekend of Nov 9, 2012.

  • Might use this to make my eventual top list for the year.

    What exactly are the Skandies? Looked around the website a bit, seems interesting.

  • The Skandies are a longstanding annual film survey voted on by a collection of film critics, writers, academics, programmers, filmmakers and avid cinephiles. It is one of the longest-running online film polls of its type (if not the longest).

    Titles qualify for consideration via a minimum one week commercial run in New York City (hence this Letterboxd list, based off of Mike's master list), save for an exception when a film opens in NYC some number of years after its premiere (or something like that - I can't remember the exact wording of the rule) such that it has qualified for the "Best Undistributed Film" portion of the poll and been rendered otherwise ineligible in other categories for all future editions of the poll.

  • Nice work, Alex! I figure 952 films in this list of which I've seen only 312 so far. Beat your 310!

  • Oops, make that 852 films!

  • The year's not over yet, so there are still more titles (and viewings) to come! It initially came as a surprise to me that we're both barely above a one-third completion rate despite the volume of current releases we've each viewed this year; it feels like I've watched "more".

    (I'm particularly envious of the many documentary titles you've seen; there are numerous titles of interest that I haven't been able to source via theatrical/video/streaming/etc. Did The Pruitt-Igoe Myth not get submitted for consideration this year?)

  • I'm pretty well through with 2012 films for now, so you'll end the year watching more released films than I did (how and why, Alex? With your ratings it seems you're hating a lot more than loving...must be torture). Actually I maxed out at 537 feature films for the year, which for me is a new record.

    While doing that documentary marathon (126 features, oy vey), I let all my tv shows slip, and now I have to empty the DVR of about 38 hours of stuff before the Palm Springs film festival starts. And no, PRUITT-IGOE MYTH didn't get submitted for consideration.

  • It's not really that bad -- it's largely the films that I've rated as 1.5 or lower that've been exasperating to sit through, so that's typically only something like four or five dozen current releases per year. Based on Crix Pix, my ratings distribution curve is a tad more unforgiving than the norm, so a good rule of thumb might be to add anywhere from a half to a full star onto my ratings to normalize them.

    This is the first year I've closely kept track of my viewing habits. (Letterboxd helps, obviously.) My 2012 tally so far is 631 feature films, 29 shorts, and 245 television episodes. (I'm a lightweight compared to some other Letterboxd users.)

    Have fun in Palm Springs!

  • No way to tell; but I'll bet I beat you cold with television episodes. Maybe in 2013 (if I make it through, never can tell at my age), I'll keep count. But I'll keep it to myself.

  • List finalized (I think).

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