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  • The Taking of Deborah Logan 2014

    ★★★ Added 1

    I Knew Jill Larson could deliver in this role. I watched her for years on All My Children and I knew she could act, but sheesh. I'm in my 30s and I almost got up and cut this off because it was close to bed time and I was getting creeped out. This movie was setting up perfectly,but then it dives overboard because it felt the need to explain itself and wrap things up too nicely. I'd have preferred only…

  • Ouija 2014

    ★★★ Added

    I always loved that old 80s film Witchboard, have wondered when another good Ouija film would come along. After learning this was produced by Platinum Dunes and PG 13 I went in with lowered expectations, in fact after reading that I almost cancelled, but this was pretty decent and I am sure the lowered expectations helped.


    All of the rules are there, never play with the board alone, always say goodbye. This could have…

  • Liberal Arts 2012

    ★★★★ Added

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete 2013

    ★★★½ Added

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • I Sell The Dead 2008

    ★★★½ Added

    Dark comedy with a nice atmosphere and good casting. I realize I appreciate any horror with a good pub scene. Just a great place for town gossip about the ghastly goings on. I really want to visit a pub one day.

    YAY Angus Scrimm from Phantasm. This reminds you of Evil Dead and Phantasm a bit.

    Brenda Cooney's accent scares me. If a woman talked to me like that she could probably get anything she wanted from me. She'd ask…

  • Melanie Comarcho: Hello! 2012

    ★★½ Added

    Well I seem to find myself watching male comedians mostly, so I decided I'd give a female comedian a try..again...Viewing equality! What I liked about her is she avoided talking about her therapist and what pills she's taking for her conditions. You know that stuff every female comedian talks about. But then there was too much conversation on penis size or lack thereof. She also seemed a bit nervous as this was her first special I think, but it just resulted in a little flubbing. She needs to tweak this act, make it a little funnier and Increase the amount of topics she covers.

  • Trevor Noah: African American 2013

    ★★★★ Added

    Smart, funny, and as an American slightly depressing :]

  • Cuban Fury 2014

    ★★★½ Added

    I laughed a bit more than I suspected I might while watching this.
    Some funny lines
    Rashida Jones favors the Olsen twins

  • Black Coffee 2014

    ★★★★ Added


  • The Graduate 1967

    ★★★★½ Added

    My thought process while watching this for the first time was trying to figure out the characters motivation. I never understand choosing to cheat on someone versus just saying okay this is not working and pursuing the life you want, or is it the ego involved, is it the excitement of knowing you're making a fool out of someone else, you could be caught at any moment. Erm Mrs Robinson was hotter than Elaine. But she's married and full of…

  • Parker 2013

    ★★★ Added

    Its clichéd up the wazoo, But I was enjoying it after a bit and mainly because I liked Jennifer Lopez acting. She's so natural in here, not at all bumpy like some music stars who have turned actress. In fact she's able to deliver without the cringing moments I get watching Janet Jackson and Jennifer Hudson. I watched this because I really liked Homefront. Anyone noticed how good Statham is on all hand to hand combat scenes.

  • The Colony 2013

    ★★★½ Added

    Not sure what you Letterboxd peeps expected. What is presented here is a very solid B scifi action romp. Okay it's nothing new and I felt the 28 Days Later dna pouring out of it sometimes, but that's not a bad thing. We get Paxton being Paxton and Fishburne as a likeable hardcore kick butt character, decent cast. Not deep, but entertaining.