Red State 2011 ★★★★★

Wow, there are a lot of half and one star reviews about this film on here. Did someone poke a little too hard in your beloved believes or what?

The movie is right up my alley, I dislike ultra conservative groups of religious fanatics, they pretend to praise love but fear everything different. The root of a lot of hatred and evil in our world, especially when they start to interfere with politics.

Kevin Smith did an awesome job in writing and directing a completely different genre than we are used to from him, in fact multiple different genres at once. The resulting different paces combined with a lot of plot changes worked really well for me, very unique story telling. The cast is great, too, especially Michael Parks and John Goodman, they fit perfectly for their respective roles.

And when the trumpets started I couldn't help myself and had to applaud a little bit, even though I watched it alone at home - loved it.


  • True story. Great movie.

  • Man I remember that bit when the horns went off. Def a WTF moment for me. Fantastic.

  • Yeah, for a brief moment I wanted to see Alanis Morrisette there, hehe, although I didn't really think Smith would go there. Loved the whole ending!

  • Haha, also Ben and Matt would have killed the extremists. ;)

    I actually really hated the scene when the police stuck to their orders and kept on shooting. But otherwise it would have been a hollywood happy ending.

  • There needs to be a spoiler tag on letterboxd, hm!

    Sticking to the orders is a strong and important part of the movie, neither side is good or bad, otherwise it would have been a totally different movie, the good cops vs the bad extremists or something, there is a message here.

    Plus it makes for some very cool WTF moments, like the blonde girl and the hostage being shot out of nowhere, pretty "cool" stuff! And the whole ending with the two supervisors, genius!

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