Dystopia, Science Fiction and the Apocalypse

These are all films that relate to the theme of dystopian societies, or include worlds different from our own.

Some contextual reasoning for the films on the list:

1. They focus on an apocalyptic event that can/might/does/will cause dystopian effects or the downfall of man.

2. They focus on 'dystopian' societies and civilizations and the resulting situations.

3. They focus on a predicted future of the human race - good OR bad!

Some of these films are excellent, some are good and some are of dubious quality but are included simply because I have a soft spot for them. Hopefully eventually this will be quite an extensive list! They are listed in some kind of vague chronological order, because I enjoy that sort of thing.

I'm beginning to think that Arnold Schwarzenegger must enjoy the topic as much as I do. How many of these films have you starred in, Arnie!?


  • Wow, brilliant list! Would Waterworld or Westworld be allowed?

  • I've only just seen your comment - sorry! Good call on both films, they certainly fit in the list. You've also reminded me that I should probably (begrudgingly) include The Postman! Bloody Costner.

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