Malick Ranked

  • The Thin Red Line


  • The Tree of Life


  • Badlands


  • The New World


  • Days of Heaven


  • To the Wonder



  • Switch Days of Heaven and Tree of Life around and you have my list. But it's great to see someone else have TTRL on their top as well.

    I would assume you're looking forward to his new film coming out (hopefully) later this year?

  • I love them all, but the firs two really stand out to me (TTRL is one my favorites of all time). I need to see Days of Heaven again though.

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to his next film, and the two (or however many he's making) after that. Its weird how many movies he's making considering his history. Something got into him recently, and if that means more films, I'm fine with that.

  • Nice! I've only had a chance to see TTRL and Tree of Life, (Both now in my top 4 of all time) but I really want to see Days of Heaven.

  • Yeah Days of Heaven is really good. Beautifully shot also (like all of his films).

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