The Dark Knight 2008 ★★★

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  • Yep. Watched it for about the fifth time, and I have a laundry list of issues with it.

  • I've got two after a recent rewatch; think the re-casting of Rachel has a huge (negative) effect and the super-computer thing is bobbins. But I still think its a 5* film. Be really interested to read your reasons.

  • At the time I applauded replacing Holmes as Rachel, but on a re-watch Maggie Gyllenhaal was really bad too. Not a strong feature at all. I also don't like much about the film following the Joker's destruction of the hospital - the super-computer thing, the boats, and Dent's mission to take down those responsible for killing Rachel. The film is too long - the same ideas repeated over again - and yet Dent's arc feels very rushed. I think it is confusing and anti-climactic. I dislike the sub-antagonists; the fact that Gordon's two closest detectives end up being corrupt is really contrived. Visually, it is spectacular and Ledger is fantastic, but there are a big list of issues. Loved it at the cinema but now find it very average.

  • Very interesting. Wouldn't necessarily raise a strong objection to any of those but still like it better than yourself. But, yeah, really valid points, interesting reading.

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