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  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild 2007

    ★★★★★ Watched 24 Mar, 2015

    This is legendary. I haven't cried this much at the ending since the titanic.

  • Big Business

    Big Business 1988

    ★★★½ Watched 24 Mar, 2015

    I have a big love for movies about twins separated at birth ever since I have seen a movie of this kind when I was a young teen. Sadly this isn't that movie that I was trying to find for so long but it was enjoyable anyway.

    If anybody knows the name of a movie where one of the twins is an unpopular girl in high school while the other is miss popularity, who then switches with her and makes the unpopular girl popular and all of the girls that laughed at her in disbelief then please let me know.

    Thank you:)

Popular reviews

  • Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead 2004

    ★★★★½ Rewatched 14 Oct, 2012 2

    This film is without a doubt the best British film I ever saw, to be honest I only saw a few... but it is magnificent and funny, and the humor is completely British as well, which I love! Of course there are some gross sights in this, and some pretty nasty zombies with their freaky eyes; but it is among the most entertaining zombie films I'd say.

    Though my mum didn't like it. She laughed lots, but said it will give her nightmares and that I'm never choosing a comedy we'll be watching again. True, it might have been a tiny bit scary.

  • Drive

    Drive 2011

    ★★★ Watched 11 Oct, 2012 8

    Be warned. Nothing is as good in this film as at seems to be. The actors are okay, not great though. The sceneries are boring. The cars? Well, let's just say they don't meet the expectations of a film that should be based around them. The love? There's basically none; it's ridiculous. And he's a hero, because he saves that woman and child and dies himself? This film lacks action, enthusiasm and everything that would make it remotely okay. The light-hearted music is the only thing, that manipulates us into thinking this film means something.