Midnight in Paris 2011 ★★★★

I’m moving to France next year with my partner, so though I don’t typically make space for Romantic Comedy’s in my cinema schedule, I thought I’d make an exception for a typical “foreign couple goes and discovers Paris.

Definitely got more than I bargained for. Because guess what:

It’s about Fu#king time Travel

That’s right, not only do I get points for taking the girlfriend to a movie about Paris. I get to see some time travel.

Ernst Hemingway will blow your mind with manliness.


  • cool, I was interested in seeing this film. I think the Ulrika will as well because of the Van Gogh painting Starry Night.

  • The Dora dug it also (I’m adopting your female taxonomy), he being an art fan and wannabe Parisian. Unfortunately Van Gogh doesn’t show up (he’s dead, so I’ll allow it) and neither does the piece. She’ll still dig it.

  • Imagine how much better most films would be if they involved time travel. Well you don't have to, because I'm about to travel back in time and put it in all of them.


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