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  • Embers

    Embers 2015


    "Carré weaves from her ensemble amnesi-apocalypse a reflection of the human condition as philosophically compelling as it is emotionally intelligent, while celebrating our species’ tenacious resilience, and optimistically implying that a flame can again be fanned from any embers."
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  • Androids Dream

    Androids Dream 2014


    "Here everything comes inscribed with a use-by date – and as the camera, pursuing a style midway between city-symphony documentary and family video, tracks ordinary people engaged in mundane activities, we see them shot down, one by one and without mercy, by a bounty hunter (Manolo Marín) eager to purchase for himself one of the last sheep in existence."
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  • Nymphomaniac

    Nymphomaniac 2013

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    review from Film4 (slightly altered)

    Descriptive synopsis: Controversial Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier rounds off his 'Trilogy of Depression' with a tale (in two parts) of sexual liberation, oppression and exploitation.

    "Fill all my holes, please."
    It is perhaps not as catchy as the line "Chaos reigns" from Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009), the first film of the so-called 'Trilogy of Depression' (which Nymphomaniac closes) - but nonetheless it is a line repeated several times by the heroine…

  • Punishment Park

    Punishment Park 1971


    "Watkins’ self-styled 'filmic metaphor of social injustice' imagines America’s system of crime and punishment as a game that can only ever be won by the Establishment responsible for setting the rules. Just as the detainees at the hearing have already been deemed guilty and are invited to voice their opinions, while in chains, before a panel that is neither required, nor inclined, to listen, so too the fugitives in Punishment Park are pursuing a dream of escape that they will never be allowed to fulfill, regardless of whether they work within the system, or fight against it."
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