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  • The Man Who Was Thursday

    The Man Who Was Thursday


    "Setting fascism against freedom, and hiding the devil in its details, this feature debut is an ambitious, sophisticated passion play that leaves Ron Howard’s dumb-assed The Da Vinci Code (2006) in its dust."
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  • Remainder

    Remainder 2015


    "So while it replays scenarios familiar from an enigmatic amnesiac thriller, the preoccupations of Remainder are of a decidedly existential bent, far closer to the Möbius-strip narrative and reproductive mania of Synecdoche, New York (2008) than to the brain-dead genre shenanigans of, say, Before I Go To Sleep (2014)."
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  • Warcraft

    Warcraft 2016


    "It is all too easy to mock a film like Warcraft: The Beginning for its silly names, its arcane background lore and its cheesy nerdism (as though Star Wars or superhero flicks are so different). Yet while Jones’ film is certainly not for everyone (what film is?), it should also be remembered that, besides the legions of tween escapists, fantasy freaks, Tolkien zealots and Dungeons & Dragons devotees for whom this material may prove a perfect fit, there are also over…

  • Nymphomaniac

    Nymphomaniac 2013

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    review from Film4 (slightly altered)

    Descriptive synopsis: Controversial Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier rounds off his 'Trilogy of Depression' with a tale (in two parts) of sexual liberation, oppression and exploitation.

    "Fill all my holes, please."
    It is perhaps not as catchy as the line "Chaos reigns" from Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009), the first film of the so-called 'Trilogy of Depression' (which Nymphomaniac closes) - but nonetheless it is a line repeated several times by the heroine…