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  • The Guest 2014


    Review first published by Film4

    Descriptive synopsis: In this darkly funny psychothriller, a returned soldier runs amok through the problems of a smalltown American family. Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way To Die, You're Next) directs.

    Review: "I guess we don't need a living, breathing reminder of him," says 20-year-old Anna Peterson (Maika Monroe).

    Her brother Caleb was killed in the Middle East, and now a stranger, David (Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens), has come into town - and into the Petersons'…

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014


    Review first published by Film4

    Descriptive synopsis: Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller return us to their stylised multi-story city of hard-boiled antiheroes, corrupt authorities, femmes fatales and whores with hearts of gold.

    Review: Since it first appeared on our screens in 2005, not much has changed in Sin City. How could it? Basin City is, after all, a locus of the imagination, built on pure genre, a place familiar from every hard-boiled novel you have ever read or film noir…

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  • Nymphomaniac 2013

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    review from Film4 (slightly altered)

    Descriptive synopsis: Controversial Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier rounds off his 'Trilogy of Depression' with a tale (in two parts) of sexual liberation, oppression and exploitation.

    "Fill all my holes, please."
    It is perhaps not as catchy as the line "Chaos reigns" from Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009), the first film of the so-called 'Trilogy of Depression' (which Nymphomaniac closes) - but nonetheless it is a line repeated several times by the heroine…

  • Starred Up 2013


    Review for EyeforFilm

    Starred Up is a story of fathers and sons, of violence and control, of pent-up emotions and revolving doors, of self-perpetuating problems and unwanted (if certainly effective) solutions. In other words, it is a film about masculinity and society, which just happens to be set in the closed system of a prison. That said, its allegorical underpinnings are offset by a pervasive realism: for it is the first screenplay by Jonathan Asser, who has spent 12…