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  • Inside Out

    Inside Out 2015

    Watched 14 Jul, 2015

    I love sadness.

  • They Came Together

    They Came Together 2014

    ★★½ Watched 18 Jul, 2015

    This film is rated quite poorly, I think it's better than the standard review. Definitely had us laughing, and it's easy to see where they were going with this film but it lacks some cleverness to actually make it good. Bonus points for Melanie Lynskey as she's my fave.

  • Camp Takota

    Camp Takota 2014

    ½ Watched 06 Jun, 2015

    This film was pretty scatty. Some typical American Camp tropes, but who is the audience for this film?
    20-somethings might at a stretch relate to the lead character, but being in that bracket myself, I was bored. The story was shallow and predictable.
    Younger viewers? Perhaps, though I think teens might even find it tired. Some of the drinking is a bit full on, but weirdly, everything else is rather vanilla.
    A confused mashup, watch something else.

  • The Wedding Ringer

    The Wedding Ringer 2015

    Watched 31 May, 2015

    Resort in-house movie channel put this to me. No revelations.

  • The Pill

    The Pill 2011

    Watched 12 Apr, 2015

    That was terrible. I wanted to see Anna Chumsky though.
    All the characters were cringeworthy except perhaps Mindy's dad.

  • About Time

    About Time 2013

    ★★★ Watched 23 Mar, 2015

    I had really low expectations for this film but needed an easy watch on a sick day. About Time was better than I expected, with some great characters and a few laughs. It made me nostalgic for London even though I've only spent a week there. Not a perfect film by any stretch but it was engaging and warm. It probably needn't have been two hours long, and could have had a stronger ending than just, well, stopping. But by and large, does what it says on the packet.

  • I Give It A Year

    I Give It A Year 2013

    ½ Watched 23 Mar, 2014

    That was awful. So awful. Hoping for some redeeming Brit comedy but none to be had.

  • Mean Girls 2

    Mean Girls 2 2011

    ★★ Watched 19 Mar, 2014

    This film should have stood alone, not attempted the lofty heights of Mean Girls brilliance - it fell short. By a long long way.
    There are elements of Mean Girls (Plastics, protagonist who moves schools a lot, betrayal of friends, redemption...), and even some. It's lacking comedy and originality. Jo's backstory is unique, but it's just not used effectively to make this film anything special. Did someone say straight to DVD? No wonder. Let go of the Mean Girls label and you have a fairly lighthearted high school drama, daytime TV film - it at least meets those expectations.

  • How I Live Now

    How I Live Now 2013

    ★★★ Watched 19 Mar, 2014

    An extra star for the great soundtrack and cinematography. I have a feeling the book would have been better, I just didn't get "into" the lead character.

  • Lovelace

    Lovelace 2013

    ★★★★ Watched 11 Feb, 2014

    Sharp, honest, portrayal of the experiences of Linda Lovelace. Amanda Seyfried is excellent, as is Peter Sarsgaard playing her revolting husband Chuck.

    Adam Brody as Harry Reems is a terrible casting, it's like Seth Cohen travelled back to the '70's. He has potential to play the character, but the nerd-boy demeanour lets the portrayal down (see the scene where Harry meets Hugh Hefner).

    Some people seem to struggle with accepting the film as it's not "sex positive", but remember the…

  • The Game Plan

    The Game Plan 2007

    ★½ Watched 09 Jan, 2014

    Watching films on free-to-air broadcast TV is one way to see films you'd never ever choose to watch yourself.

    The idea of watching a film with Dwayne Johnson in it makes me cringe, but it could have been worse. He did really haul this movie over the finish line and does a great job of framing it in the "family movie" department.

    No surprises, very cliché, overall mediocre.

  • Take This Waltz

    Take This Waltz 2012

    ★★★★½ Watched 05 Jan, 2014

    Michelle Williams really is a wonderful actress. Seth Rogen was also excellent in this film, unexpectedly.

    To watch this film you really must watch, Michelle Williams' face is everything.