films ive seen in 2012


  • What's your favourite so far?

  • Has to be drive, second I would say social network as that's sO well made and third but by no means last I saw the devil which is my favourite Asian cinema film.you seen any of these ?

  • Drive is something else, a superb film, great cast and a superb soundtrack. Social Network should never be as entertaining as it is, but I think its a great film, beautifully shot with some fantastic acting in it. Now as for I Saw the Devil - WOW! I've had it ages and kept putting it off (But I do that to a lot of films in my collection!) But I can say it is one of my favourite Asian films as well. I couldn't believe how many more "Sick" people he kept running into..... Brilliant film.

  • So what's your favourite film of all time ?

  • LOL - that's a question I don't think I have the answer for. I'm still building some lists at the moment, so you may get an Idea of what I like. At the moment Avengers is my number 1 film. Seen it 5 times and hoping to see it once more. But before that it was Kick Ass, and Dark Knight. It tends to be in the moment for me. I have films I simply go back to like Lost Boys or Trick R Treat. But I think you I would have to split it into genre's and even then its hard - there are so many great films!

    Have you got a favourite film?

  • yeah i know what you mean mate i love films! my favorite is drive but then like u said there are so many great films such as la confidential, pulp fiction and the usual suspects to the dark knight, inception and tinker tailor soldier spy. the list goes on lol. i would say my fav actor is gosling. then bale and then the legendary kevin spacey

  • Gosling is superb, as good is he is in Drive, I think he's better in Crazy, Stupid Love and then even better in Ides of March. I am really looking forward to Gangster Squad.

    I have a list in mind - Classic films which don't do it for me. LOL - It's films I can see the brilliance in them, but as a film they just don't move me, draw me in. I have quite a few like that. Even Prometheus just lacked something for me. Maybe it will grow on me when I see it again. Usual Suspects as well, I got the twist early on and it looses the momentum of the film. I can see why so many people love it, just not me. But it's hard to find a forum about films where you can say that and not get flamed, I hate IMDB for that, at the end of the day I want a place where I can comment, talk about films, and people respect that.

    This seems like a good site for just that!

  • im looking forward to his new film which is dierected by winding refn! called only god forgives, there partnership is going to be a strong one i feel. yeah this site is awesome for that and helps me keep track of all the films i watch i wish they would hurry up and make it public though so we will finally get an ios app so we can log our films on the move.

  • Is that the one set in the far east, underground fighting?

    You have but me in the mood to watch Drive - I shall watch it tomorrow night!

  • yeah set in Thailand i believe or Bangkok haha go for it ive seen it 4 times so far :D it looks grweat in blu ray

  • What did you think of Man from Nowhere?

  • I think it was an incredible film. So well written and acted, I think the story was very believable too. Towards the end I found myself shouting at tye screen urging him on in every fight lol. What did you think ?

  • I agree, it was a recommendation from a couple of users that put me onto it. They also told me to watch Election 1 and 2, which I really liked. So I bought Man from Nowhere!

    Blown away by it - one of the best Korean films I've seen. It had so much - check out my review!

  • I will do pal, are the election films good ?

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