Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 2005 ★★★★

I already knew this was my favorite Star Wars episode... even though I didn't get around to seeing it in its entirety until today. ;) I really like Anakin's storyline as a whole; he's the redeeming factor of the prequels... if not the entire series... and the end of Ep. III is the pinnacle. Great finale. Like all SW films, there it has the usual problems of slow pacing and corny dialog, but overall this one isn't too bad. The romance or immodesty isn't unbearable either. Fun stuff, if you like "emo dude" (as a family member calls Anakin).


  • I agree with you on this one being the best. Aside from maybe 2 or 3 corny lines, it's really powerful, and one of my favorite films.

  • Glad to find a similarly-minded individual! Yes, there's a few bad lines ("Anakin, you're breaking my heart!"), but it's not nearly as bad as some of the other films. (No midicholorians, for one thing.) ;)

  • Oh, that line's not as bad as "Only a Sith deals in absolutes!!"


  • I really enjoyed the original trilogy, especially The Empire Strikes Back. I watch the first two prequels and swore I'd stop there, due to how awful they were. That said... maybe I'll give this one a try, since you speak so highly of it. :D

  • Trust me, the only reason the other two prequels are worth watching is because they set up the plot for this one. :D So if you watch this one, you won't have wasted your time with the others. ;)

  • I agree. #1 has a bunch of cool parts (the podrace, the PHENOMENAL 3-person duel, etc..), aside from the Obi-Wan humor, #2 stinks.
    But it is important to set up the plot for #3 which is the best. :) I'm eager to hear your thoughts, Corey! And I agree that ESB is the best of the originals, after #3, it might be my next favorite.

  • Nah... This movie is awful

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