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  • Night Watch 2004

    ★★★ Added

    (This is an old review of mine, i just decided to upload it here)


    The vampire genre has really suffered in the last decade and it's not just cause of Twilight.

    Most vamp movies ranged from mediocre (the genre confused Moonchild) to downright terrible (Ultraviolet, Queen of The Damned).

    Of course there were the few good ones out there like Shadow of The Vampire, Let the Right One In, and Nightwatch. As we find out from the opening (which…

  • Control 2007

    ★★★★ Added

    Ok, so anyone who knows me know that i'm a fan of the band Joy Division and i've been listening to them since i was a teen. Although they didn't truly become my one of my favorite bands until i saw Control on my 20th birthday

    Anyway, on to the review.

    It should be pretty obvious what this film is about. You follow around Ian's life before Joy Division was formed right to his suicide on May 18th 1980. Pretty…

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  • Gamer 2009

    ½ Added 2

    Did i mention that our media (games in this case) get scapegoated? Cause they do, and this movie really isn't helping to diminish the thought that playing violent video games is a horrible thing.

    Yet another media "satire" that completely fails and is hypocritical. Instead of actually satirizing, the writers opted to show off disgusting seizure inducing shock visuals and introduce poor unsympathetic characters. Acting like a 12 year old who'd play the sort of violent games this movie is…

  • Only God Forgives 2013

    ★½ Added 1

    Only God can forgive this dull mess.

    I liked Drive but this is just, how shall i say it, dead. It feels like everything is pointless. I don't know why but it was decided that nobody would emote at all. Ryan Gosling in particular is blank the whole time.

    I really can't care about the characters here. They're all terrible. So i ended up frustrated and bored the whole time. I apologize to any fans but i cannot like this one.