Oh! The Horror!

Having just watched yet another awful modern horror movie, I think it's about time I put together my selection of the genre's best. Horror means a lot to me: it was through my brother's DVD copies of things like The Exorcist, The Omen, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shining that I first found myself really engaging with cinema, tucked away watching them in the dead of night on a near-muted TV at the ripe young age of 12. Unlike any other genre, horror is something I'm always ready for a taste of; it's unquestionably the genre I've seen the most awful shit from, and yet it's so worth wading through the vast lakes of crap it seems to produce in order to find the true gems. I would be most delighted if anyone has any suggestions to offer based on my tastes here, or indeed any comments in general. All films bear a minimum 4 stars by my ranking.


  • I really like your take on horror. Your number one is a fantastic film. Even though I wouldn't classify it as horror, I can see how others would. There are a couple of these lists out there and they're all so different.
    This is my top ten:


  • Wow, Black Swan as number one. Must admit I'm not a very big fan of it, though I think I owe it a rewatch. Added the ones I haven't seen to my watchlist, interesting selection! The Innocents just missed out on my list too.

    Re: Night of the Hunter, I actually compiled this list by searching IMDb for the horror films I'd ranked highest and it didn't include that. Not sure what motivated me to stick it in, maybe just that there are certain touches in the expressionist cinematography that had me a little creeped out.

  • Night of the Hunter is definitely a horror movie. Everything from the way it is shot to the subject matter screams horror (which is why it was my fourth best horror film when I compiled a similar list).

    Nice to see The Hands of Orlac on the list.

  • The Hands of Orlac is so great, only discovered it through an article by Kim Newman discussing cinematic predecessors to The Skin I Live In. The remake with Peter Lorre is very good too, though certainly inferior.

  • I don't think eXistenZ is a horror film! :)

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