My top 5 films of all time

Reasons why these films are in my top 5. Caution: may contain spoilers.

#1, Amélie. Still the most beautiful film I've ever seen, both in terms of visuals and story. Fun, playful, innocent. It's a visual representation of what being in love is. Scene of when Amélie turns to water is exactly what that situation feels like. Perfect and controlled use of CGI.

#2, The Social Network. I've watched this maybe four times now, and each time it gets better. The dialogue is fast and great, it's filmed well with a handful of really great shots, and the soundtrack helps the whole film keep it's pace up.

The only downside is the boat race scene :(

#3, The Big Lebowski. Does much more need to be said. A classic, choc-full of great lines. To the disgust of my mates, I didn't 'get' this film when I first saw it. I've come around of course.

#4, Black Swan. Currently knocking out The Fountain in fourth spot, perhaps because it's more recent? I love the focused story, it's about one thing and nothing appears in the film that doesn't need to. Very much like Kissed in that sense. Visuals are fantastic, great CGI work. Natalie Portman is perfect.

Still tossing up which is the better film by Aronofsky: Black Swan or The Fountain. I suspect I'll switch between them whenever I watch one or the other.

#5, Se7en. Mid-90s, I was a young adult, directed by David Fincher, murder, religion, grit. What's not to like? Paltrow's performance actually :(

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