A few of my favorite films, (Or otherwise known as my Top 70?)

Out of the 3,200 or so films I have seen, these are the only ones I have rated a perfect 5 star score. This is a collection of the most personal pieces of cinema that lives inside of me.

Ranking is now reordered but who knows for how long.

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  • Which 10 Edgar?

  • Looking at my list again and of course my latest downgrade with Brokeback Mountain being ousted, I decided to remove one that I was pretty sure should suffer the same fate on a rewatch (Children of Men) and added 5 more that have been on the edge of making the list anyway. Wonder if it changes your figures any Edgar?

  • It really warms my heart to see that 8 1/2 has recently entered your personal canon ;)

  • Ah! I'm so sorry, Robert! I didn't realize your reply.

    So, I am down to 48 now, hehe. The missing films are:

    The Phantom Carriage
    Le Deuxieme Souffle
    Open Hearts
    He Who Gets Slapped
    Veronika Voss
    City Girl
    The Decalogue
    12 Years a Slave
    Synechdoque, New York
    Brand Upon the Brain!

    and very shamefully:

    Simon of the Desert

    I know you explained yourself to death and I don't want to be bothersome at all, but I am missing the inclusion of Virgin Spring here :P

  • I'm only 48% complete of your Top 60 films (only watched 5 of your top 15!) - a very diverse list! I like it.

    I've been seeing The Human Condition show up more and more - it's just such a daunting task and an expensive blind-buy. Maybe the winter B&N sale will be the time to pick that up.

  • Edgar, you must have edited your comment but I can still see it on my email of you asking me if and when I will rewatch 8 1/2. I in fact plan to watch it very soon within the coming weeks or in March at the latest. I have it on blu ray sitting on my shelf so there is no excuse. I decided to bump it up in premeditated fashion because there is little doubt in my mind that it deserves it and that after one watch in just a span of a few years I still can recall certain scenes quite vividly. And usually when a film stays me with for that long and with that much impact, it is surely deserving of such status.

    Also sorry about Virgin Spring but at least I have Bergman well represented here. :)

    And you have to see those 12 as soon as you can!

  • @JC, Is it possible to rent The Human Condition first so you do not have to worry of the expense of blind buying it? Was not sure if that was an option for you, If you are in North America, Netflix has them or at least had them to rent. It is a daunting task at first sight but it is actually easier than you think. The film is actually separated into 6 parts so you could consider it a miniseries of sorts and watch one part (which is the length of your average film between 1hr 30min - 2hrs) over the course of 6 nights, or of course view it as a trilogy and 3 longer viewings over three nights. Or you could be a madman like I did for my rewatch and review for this site and watch it all in one day. lol. So you have many choices. ;)

  • Yes sir!

    And you caught me with the 8 1/2 thing :/

  • Huh... I didn't know it was 6 parts. That makes it a bit more feasible. I would still probably do the 3-part option - I'm not man enough to pull an all-nighter!

  • ^Well I will still always consider it one long gigantic film because basically as soon as one part or film (however you consider it) ends then the other begins right where the previous left off. But yes each three film dividers also have a intermission of sorts that essentially makes it into 6 parts.

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