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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I can't claim to completely understand Damien Chazelle's obsession with jazz music, but it does make for some awesome movies.

    La La Land is easily the most endearing and masterful movie I've seen all year. The writing was great. The editing was great. The direction was OUTSTANDING. La La Land is one of those movies that could successfully tell half of it's story without dialogue and still keep you emotionally engaged.

    If I had to pick one aspect of the…

  • Alien³



    (NOTE: I specifically watched Alien 3: The Assembly Cut. I have never actually seen the original theatrical version.)

    Alien 3 may have not been the most heart-pounding of the Alien films, but it's very close to being the most masterfully shot and well-written Alien film. The only one that beats it in both of those categories is the original 1979 film.

    Tonally, Alien 3 feels like a desperate struggle to maintain some semblance of light and hope that can never…

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  • Underworld: Awakening

    Underworld: Awakening

    Underworld: Awakening is the fourth installment in the Underworld series and is yet another pointless sequel with a plot that needlessly treats it as a reboot of the series.

    It's hard for me to choose where to start with this movie. So much was wrong with it, from characters doing illogical things(i.e. putting silver ammo in guns when preparing to fight humans) to flat-out continuity errors within the story(i.e. Vampires inexplicably not needing blood to survive and instead just using…

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    Just watched "The Dark Knight Rises". It was... ehhh. Yeah...

    Well, it had a few moments that stuck with me. I really liked the first fight scene between Batman and Bane. It was very well-choreographed, and did great job of assuring you that Bane is quite literally "unstoppable". I liked the scene where Talia was revealing Bane's true background. I almost felt like I could have cried myself. I also liked the wide shots of Gotham with smoke pluming from…