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  • Night Will Fall

    Night Will Fall 2014

    Watched 27 Jan, 2015

    Part documentary/memory itself but most of all the backstory for "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey “, which should be the next film on your list after watching „Night Will Fall“ and on anyone's watchlist who ever dared to say something along the lines of "I'm tired of hearing of the Holocaust". This. Is. Important.!

  • The Theory of Everything

    The Theory of Everything 2014

    ★★★★½ Watched 12 Jan, 2015

    At times it feels like the cheesiest fan fiction and it took me quite a while to play along with the love story. But ultimately it's a rather depressingly beautiful film with touching and impressive performances by Redmayne and Jones.

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  • Her

    Her 2013

    ★★★★★ Watched 31 Mar, 2014

    Studying in the field of media, this film already touched a lot of topics that are not only on my mind. As a human being though, I was touched even to the core. 7 billion people on this planet going through the same fears and emotions and still feeling as if they're struggling on their own. It didn't show me anything new, but it confirmed something: the weakness of the human heart is simultaneously devastating and beautiful.

  • Dylan Moran: Monster

    Dylan Moran: Monster 2004

    ★★★★½ Watched 20 May, 2013

    "Well, to be honest, after years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and know, just sometimes, in between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that four hundredth glass of cornershop piss at 3am, you do sometimes look at yourself and think... this is fantastic. I'm in heaven."