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  • Little Sister

    Little Sister


    Sure, Timlin and Poulson are off-kilter charming in their select few solo scenes, but otherwise this is terribly uneven, never as clever or as quirky as it thinks it is, and when you get right down to it nearly forgettable. Sheedy is cringe worthy bad, while the rest of the supporting cast is laughably bad. I'd say that the tone is off for much of the film but that'd be admitting the film has a tone in the first place.…

  • Rams



    A poignant, humanist and at times absurdist tale of feuding Icelandic sheep farmer brothers and the demise of their herds. 

    While one could look at this as a story on the death of tradition and culture, something tells me there's an allegory for all the economic issues the country has been experiencing this past decade quietly shuffling about somewhere in here.

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  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    I had much better quotes for this film rush past my mind's eye during my time watching, but for the better of me the only one I can recall is: it takes a village to raise a child, but it always starts with a mom. 

    Bening is at the top of her game, creating a vivid woman brimming with a bite for life. And as if inspired by her work, Gerwig and Fanning turn in probably their best performances yet.…

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    How many unfinished flicks can Tom Ford stuff into one turkey? 

    At least Michael Shannon knows that since he's a character in a book being read in a movie he can go to town. But it says a lot about your little story within a story when the former's side story is the one we want to follow. 

    And for what it's worth Amy Adams does her darndest as the book reader. 

    So all in all, God bless revenge. I guess it's true what they say: The pen is mightier than the sword.