Essential Gialli

The Giallo film is one of my favourite cinematic sub-genres, which is probably why this list ended up so damn long.

There are several different kinds of gialli. While the classical giallo features a serial killer clad in black gloves, hat, and overcoat being hunted by an amateur detective, the poliziotto puts the police investigation front and center in the investigation.
Other gialli tend to focus on more private and interior settings, creating more of a suspense giallo.
Still others, embracing the strong connection between the giallo and the horror film, offer a more supernatural narrative; the giallo-fantastico.

Why do I consider these particular titles 'essential'? Well, it's either because I consider them to be very good, a bit unique, or interesting in some respect when looking at the sub-genre as a whole.

Near-giallo (imo) films that didn't make the list:

- A Bay of Blood
- Autopsy
- Hatchet for the Honeymoon
- The Murder Secret
- Phantom of Death
- Stagefright (Aquarius)
- The Weekend Murders


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