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  • Basic Instinct 1992

    ★★★ Rewatched 02 Sep, 2014

    In the list of films synonymous with each decade, Basic Instinct would have to be up there when it comes to the 90's. Paul Verhoeven's steamy, neo-noir potboiler remains well known to this day for it's revealing and passionate sex sequences, and introducing Sharon Stone into the mainstream bedrooms of millions of horny teenagers & quietly frustrated middle aged fathers. While controversial at the time, Verhoeven's film is more remembered now for how well certain moments have been lampooned over the…

  • All the President's Men 1976

    ★★★★½ Watched 01 Sep, 2014 2

    You can still feel many of the cinematic and pop culture effects from All the President's Men close to forty years on - the 'Deep Throat' mysterious contact, the palpable sense of paranoia lurking in every shadow, catchphrases such as 'follow the money'. Alan J. Pakula's film is riven with originality in almost every sense, taking a near-documentarian approach to the non-fiction time by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein as their investigation into the Watergate complex unravelled perhaps…

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  • The Avengers 2012

    ★★★★★ Watched 27 Apr, 2012 6

    Up until now, I never truly understood all the fuss about Joss Whedon. I never related to Buffy, never got into Firefly or Dollhouse, and while I enjoyed Serenity I didn't worship it like some. But at long last, Whedon has delivered a piece of work that blew me away, one I truly believe will swiftly enter the pantheon of classic action-adventure movies. The Avengers is not only far and away the best of Marvel's (mostly impressive) movie staple, it's…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

    ★★★★★ Watched 08 Mar, 2014 11

    For many years, Wes Anderson has been celebrated as an offbeat American auteur, with a narrative and visual style all his own - a colourful, melancholic whimsy riven with a biting, black comedic undercurrent. At times it's worked well, others it misses the mark, but with The Grand Budapest Hotel he has created something truly wonderful. Inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig, Anderson's film is light, fun, thoughtful, cheeky, rude, farcical and emotional all in one rip roaring stew,…