Films I (and You) Need to Buy on BluRay

Just to clarify, this isn't necessarily a list of greatest movies for the BluRay format, rather my own personal beloved pictures I want to enjoy in crisp quality until they invent The Next Big Thing.


  • I wouldn't waste money at all on Speed, nor Austin Powers really (funny though Meyers is). But the rest of them, at least the ones I've seen (the majority on your list) would indeed be so worth it.
    I do have TDK on BluRay, but it lags every 5 minutes :(

  • Really? Hope that's not a general problem. Bad luck there.

    With me I think some films will go on here not necessarily because they need to be on BluRay, but because I love them enough - that'll get them into the elite section. :D

  • Black Hawk Down and Pan's Labyrynth should both be on there. Both excellent films that look stunning on blu ray. Also, Fifth Elelment is considered to be of almost reference quality in terms of PQ... although I've never actually seen the film to comment. :)

  • Have seen a good bunch of these on Bluray.

    Didnt think much of Lord of the Rings in Bluray not much difference between that and the DVD version. Hopefully when the Hobbit Triology Finishes we will get a half decent Bluray release for it.

    I would recommend from the Blurays I have seen The Thing, Predator, Dredd, Prometheus and Django.

  • Yeah I definitely want to get Predator certainly & I have thought about Prometheus, though I try and restrict this now to films I adore mostly so I'm not sure it *quite* qualifies...

  • Avoid the 3d Blu Ray, I sold my Blu Ray of Predator to buy 3d and it was awful. With Prometheus I only enjoyed it because it had the big 3 in it Rapice, Elba and Fassbander who I think are all great.

    I did see Man of Steel the other day on Blu Ray and that is the best for overall quality I have seen.

    The one on your list that I really want to see in Blu Ray is Cloverfield mainly because I want to know what the sound quality is like. But with Godzilla due out soon I think I may go for that instead.

  • Ugh. 3D. I'd rather poke out my eyes than indulge that fad.

    Yeah I need to rewatch Cloverfield as it may not be worthy of this list, which I started some time ago. I approach this less about what films look the best, more the *best* films because I don't buy DVD's anymore & just use online film watching. So I only buy what I consider premier league, given disc-based films will be gone in 5-10 years & it'll all be digital HD downloads.

  • 3d is awful in the cinema in my opinion. (had to watch the first Hobbit film twice as the 3d was unwatchable for me) But Pixar type films and Avengers are excellent in 3d at home with a decent TV. But alot of them are pure garbage to be fair.

    The only Bluray I have pre-ordered at the moment is Gravity as they have a Screening Rooms near me and I tend to go watch most new releases there.

    My best Bluray buy and is worth getting if you can get it for under 30 is the Battle Royale limited edition box, packed full of extras and is a excellent addition to anyone's collection.

  • I just can't be doing with 3D. Hurts my head. And 9/10, as you say, it's garbage - retrofitted garbage. It'll die off eventually.

    I do want to see Gravity & Battle Royale so I'll check those out. Added to the never ending list! :)

  • Great List. I own most of those.

  • I'd never buy Gladiator, you can't make me!

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