The One Star (or Below) Club

Congratulations, movies! If you made it in here, you truly do stink - and we all know making something this bad is a real skill in itself.

Sadly, I'm sure this list will be updated as time goes on...


  • @Bob - cheers, that made me chuckle :)

    @Joe - yeah. Grace I can tolerate but not Kutcher.

  • Butterfly Effect really doesn't deserve to be in ths list. This list has so many really bad movies, but even if you don't like Ashton Kutcher the movie is still 100 times better than real trash like Clash of titans or Transformers.

  • It's 1x better, and that's me being kind. It's not even about disliking Kutcher either, it's the fact the script is dire & direction not much better either.

  • Got to be honest about 4 of these are guilty pleasure films for me. But yeah agree with the rest.

    I do agree with Jay I enjoyed Butterfly Effect the only decent Ashton Kutcher film.

    I see a few superhero films on the list yet no Fantastic 4, Ghostrider or Spiderman movies on the list?

  • LOL - great list. A couple of them are guilty pleasures personally, so I'd rate them differently, but no matter. The thing that really stands out to me is just how many really successful actors are featured here - and even some great ones (Kevin, Morgan, I'm looking at you)!

  • Oh I'm already discovering there are films way worse than many of these, so I understand all won't agree.

    But yeah, proof great actors can do cruddy movies!

  • I'm watching Gattaca tonight, so hopefully as you said it was just personal preference because i happen to be a fan of sci-fi.

  • I've heard many say they think it's great so I'm sure I'm in a minority of people who think Andrew Niccol is a fine writer, but cannot direct for shit.

  • Wow look at all this crap I agree with all this list especially R.I.P.D

  • Gattaca, The 13th Warrior, The Scorpion King, Rush Hour 3, 30 Days of Night, Knowing, Season of the Witch, Your Highness and The Three Musketeers. That's a good rainy weekend in my book. 3 stars a piece!

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