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The One Star (or Below) Club

Congratulations, movies! If you made it in here, you truly do stink - and we all know making something this bad is a real skill in itself.

Sadly, I'm sure this list will be updated as time goes on...


  • OK, here it is...

    Unseen Awfulness

    You're right, I'm really tempted to watch some of these to see how bad they are. Some of the posters alone, you look at them and say to yourself, "How the hell did this movie get made?"

  • That's a great list. Well, a horrid one but you get my point :)

    Very true about the posters. The answer is: too much money + no common sense = movie.

  • Damn, you saw ten percent of them? Man, I really feel for you, Tony. Well, on the bright side, maybe there's one or two there you can add to your own list ;-) Which, BTW I've seen 31% of... now I'm gonna go rinse my eyeballs and ponder the many wasted hours.

  • Maybe also we should look in the mirror, into our souls, and ask ourselves simply 'why?' :)

  • Seriously, dude, I'd rather watch one of the films on this list than look in a mirror.

  • @Tony: No explanation for Kutcher or Topher Grace. Both are terrible.

  • @Bob - cheers, that made me chuckle :)

    @Joe - yeah. Grace I can tolerate but not Kutcher.

  • Butterfly Effect really doesn't deserve to be in ths list. This list has so many really bad movies, but even if you don't like Ashton Kutcher the movie is still 100 times better than real trash like Clash of titans or Transformers.

  • It's 1x better, and that's me being kind. It's not even about disliking Kutcher either, it's the fact the script is dire & direction not much better either.

  • Got to be honest about 4 of these are guilty pleasure films for me. But yeah agree with the rest.

    I do agree with Jay I enjoyed Butterfly Effect the only decent Ashton Kutcher film.

    I see a few superhero films on the list yet no Fantastic 4, Ghostrider or Spiderman movies on the list?

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