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  • Decalogue X.

    Decalogue X.


    The final episode in the series takes a vastly different approach than every preceding episode: it’s a comedy about greed. It takes a rather simplistic topic and brings laughter to it, shedding the dark tone of prior episodes and bringing laughter to the audience as our main characters go to great lengths to protect an inherited stamp collection (something they didn’t even own or know of days before).

    I thought it was a smart way to end the series. We…

  • Decalogue IX.

    Decalogue IX.


    The penultimate episode leans a bit on melodrama to bring a point across. The main idea here is coveting others and our two main characters go through a huge ordeal to prove their love for each other. Through medical diagnoses and adultery, challenging everything within them, they finally reach each other at the end to reaffirm their commitment to each other.

    For me this episode was a little light and leaned heavily on soap-opera type melodrama. However I appreciated the…

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  • Deadpool



    There's a right and wrong way to make a Deadpool movie, as this foul-languaged 4th-wall-breaking individual is quite different than many of his counterparts. But I feel like this film is the right way, and they've really nailed the feel of the character while maintaining plenty of humor.

    From the opening credits you quickly learn what kind of film you're in for, and it earns its R-rating immediately. But that's not to say it's extremely violent - this isn't Dredd.…

  • Badlands



    Good news! I have found a Malick film I enjoyed!

    I've been rather outspoken against Malick in the past, not necessarily with his films (or him as a person), just with the near-worshiping of him it seems some of his fans practice in. His recent films have been extremely pretentious to me. But Badlands is a different case.

    Being the first film Malick directed, Badlands exudes his wonderful style without sacrificing anything else. Indeed, unlike his recent works which I…