Moon 2009 ★★★★★

A new classic. Surprising, smart, a terrific performance by Sam Rockwell, and an amazing directing job. Really one of my favorite movies in any genre from the past 5 years and an unexpected discovery.


  • The apple didn't fall far from the tree. (Progeny of one sometime David Jones, that is.) I loved it too. Isn't it great when you discover a film that hasn't had squillions of dollars thrown at it but succeeds because of a great script and cast!

  • Exactly! Everything about this was "just enough". Special effects were adequate to keep things moving, not to impress. Acting was never more than what was needed. Restrained, but committed, so the stakes were always as high as you expected them to be. It just seems like everyone made thoughtful choices at every turn making this movie.

    It is just as you say, too ... his father is an amazing artist and craftsman at the same time. In his next movie, Surce Code, he took over an existing project and script, but still pulled off a well built movie. Sure, I loved Inception, as i assumed i would ... but my expectations for Source Code were exceeded, and while it is more modest, it still had some brain-benders.

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