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  • Intruder


    Movies always lose me when there is a tortoise-shell cat and they call her a male multiple times throughout the movie and give her a male name.

  • Money Monster

    Money Monster


    This is the type of movie I expected to hate. Don't get me wrong, it is over the top with its moronic message and protagonist but it still managed to keep me entertained and amused throughout.

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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    I didn't plan on watching this twice in one day, but circumstances made that happen. It is a good thing too since it made a lot more sense and ended up being more enjoyable to me the second time around.

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas


    June Challenge film 55. What can I say about this film that hasn't been said far more eloquently by others? The first 15 minutes or so of this movie I found to be very nonsensical and I seriously considered turning it off and cutting my losses on the rental. Thankfully, I am not someone who usually turns things off and I stuck with it.

    Once you get into the various characters and their different timelines, this film really becomes a…