Drag Me to Hell 2009 ★★★★½

This is how you make a horror; unique, suspenseful and incredibly clever. I went into this with average expectations due to my mixed feelings towards the supernatural aspect of horror, but oh man was I surprised. This is just incredible. Raimi's screenplay is about as indulging, suspenseful and characteristic as anything he's ever written and this is something that even John Carpenter or David Cronenberg would even be in awe at. Quite a phenomenal horror film to be honest, and the extraordinary praise it has recieved is well desrved. Ending is jaw-dropping shit.


  • I really need to rewatch this. I enjoyed it in theaters, but was also slightly disappointed. I was expecting batshit insanity in the fashion of Evil Dead II (only the seance delivered in that respect). Gotta give it another shot.

  • It's certainly nothing compared to the batshit insanity of Evil Dead II, but I actually prefer it to ED. You should definitely rewatch it, and to be honest, I am very surprised you're not already a big fan.

  • Maybe I'll rewatch it tonight! I bought the "unrated" DVD last Halloween. I wonder what differences there are between that and the theatrical cut (I'm guessing not much).

  • I'm not entirely sure but I just assume it's the excessive amounts of blood. There's not any truely graphic scenes in it really.

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