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  • Behemoth



    “It’s too simplistic to say,” Antonioni told Godard of his film Red Desert, “that I am condemning the inhuman industrialized world... My intention was to translate the poetry of that world, in which even factories can be beautiful. The lines and curves of the factories and their chimneys can be more beautiful than the outline of the trees.” Zhao Liang might agree. The acclaimed Chinese documentarian and video artist assumes, in his new film Behemoth, a poetic view of industry…

  • Last Embrace

    Last Embrace



    Jonathan Demme....hello

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    Something I’ve learned writing about the cinema professionally for a number of years is that there are bad movies and bad times at the movies, and the latter are considerably worse. Bad movies can be laugh riots, howlers, like shoddy horror pictures or inane science-fiction, to be indulged in or cackled through or suffered with glee. Bad movies are often likeable, or somehow charming, or else might endear themselves to you with personality or ambition, like, say, Southland Tales or…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    My attention was seized, watching La La Land a second time — no longer in thrall to a flamboyance one can hardly help but find seductive — by a rather trifling detail. There’s a moment, easy to overlook amid the whirlwind of whip-pans, showtunes, and dance numbers, in which the anonymous patron of a Hollywood studio-lot coffee shop, technically uncredited but specified on IMDB as “Coffee Shop Customer #2”, approaches Mia (Emma Stone), the barista, and demands to know whether…