A list of the horror movies I have seen. Some of the films on this list can be argued they are not horror and some that i left off can be argued they are. But its my list and these are my horror.


  • No I guess it's a sequel or prequel to Behind the Mask. I figure it stands for Before the Mask. So that would make it a prequel but I don't think it is..

  • omg I've seen 25% of this. You're my hero.

  • Yes! I've always wanted to be a hero! Horror is my favorite genre. I will watch any horror film from any year from any country.

  • I'm heading to my 666th horror movie, looking to something special, any suggestions?

  • I'd love to recommend you a horror film. But the problem is I don't know what you've seen of what I'm about to recommend you. Also most people would consider some of these films crap so you might look at the people you're following reviews and ratings for the films I'm about to recommend to get an idea of what you might watch. Some of these are well known and some of them aren't I hope there are a few you have not seen in this group. A Tale of Two Sister (2004), Toolbox Murders (2004), Dead End (2003), The Others (2001), June 9 (2008), Population 436 (2006), Apartment 143 (2012), The Burning (1981), Visiting Hours (1982), The Uninvited (2008), The Attic (2008), 4 Horror Tales: February 29 (2006), Them (2006), Cube (1998), The Resurrected (1992). Like I said some a well known and you've more than likely seen. Some are unknown and most people would say it's for a good reason. So do some research and stuff and see if there's anything you think might be interesting.

  • Of those you recommended me I've only seen A Tale of Two Sisters, The Others, Them and Cube, I'll be looking at the others, I know some of them, but others I don't, The Burning is one of the most interesting ones! Thanks a lot man!

  • Glad to help!

  • 50% seen! A little less actually, 212 out of 240 but I have plans to watch a lot of horror movies these days, I miss get into horror as I used to do. The next ones I plan on seing are Europa Report, The Haunting of Helena, a Child's Play marathon heading to the new one and some random ones, from all over the world.

  • Nice! I have no clue if i'm going to get any movie watching done anytime soon.

  • I like your description to this list. I go back and forth sometimes whether a movie is horror or not. I'll delete a movie off my list and then see that other people have it on theirs.

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