My Favorite Movies Are Important!

'Cause my opinion matters more than anyone else's! Right? One film per director. No real order.


  • LOL well at least your opinion has mostly good taste. Nice list, the one's I've seen I like for the most part and you listed several I want to see. On a side note I absolutely hate West Side Story, but that's because I've never liked musicals.

  • I sed to be a not-musicals guy too. but then i got eased into the genre with weirdo musicals like rocky horror and hedwig and the angry inch. it wasn't till about 2 years ago that i finally saw west side story and the sound of music. singing and stories aside, those are both really well made films. i could actually just watch them on silent because i so love how robert weis moves his camera and the colors in west side story are astounding!

  • YES V for Vendetta and Ghostbusters are up there! Nice pics. You have good taste!

  • Interesting to limit the list to one film per director...cruel fate for the rest of Tarantino, etc.

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