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  • Obvious Child 2014

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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • Lucky Them 2013

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    Megan Griffith's "Lucky Them" (2013) is kind of like a coming of age film, even though Ellie (Toni Collette), the main character, is in her forties, she is still living in the past. As a music journalist, she is given an assignment to search for a music legend that disappeared 10 years ago, that also happens to be her past lover. Charlie (Thomas Hayden Church), an ex, who's ridiculously wealthy, and needs a new project, accompanies her on this journey,…

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  • Capote 2005

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    Watching this film reminded me how brilliant Phillip Seymour Hoffman is, because I forgot he was even there, I just saw the character, Truman Capote. Which makes me sad in a way now that he's gone, but his legacy is shown through his talent and makes Capote shine. There's a lot of talent in this film with Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins and Chris Cooper, but PSH is the string that holds the story and the talent together. I feel there are going to be a lot of films made in the future that would be greater with PSH holding it together. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman!

  • American Hustle 2013

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    Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a pre-screening of David O Russell's "American Hustle" at the Music Box theatre with a pre-taped interview following the film between Peter Travers (Rolling Stone Film Critic) and David O Russell. Very insightful!

    "American Hustle" reunited Russell's strongest actors and actresses ("The Fighter", "Silver Linings Playbook") to create a dream cast that made each actor/actress individually shine in their roles: Jennifer Lawrence (plays crazy awesome), Christian Bale (embodies and exudes his part…