Memento 2000 ★★★★

Memento is brilliantly complex - the use of narrative and non-linear plot, the slow unravelling of the events, the use of contrasting black and white and full colour sequences to tell different intertwining plots - everything about it is so original and intriguing. Guy Pearce is brilliant, I haven't enjoyed any of his recent roles but now that I've seen this I definitely think a lot more of him.

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  • Great to see you revisit this! This is still one of my favourite films , and I had to watch it for my thesis on Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy. It was also along with LA Confidential (I can recommend that if you haven't seen it) the first real time I saw Guy Pearce: now one of my favourite actors. I like how Memento remixes elements of film noir into the whole mystery stew, but also has this real tragic streak running through it. This guy can't remember to forget his wife, so the grief never goes away (I find the scene where he whispers to himself -and us- at night 'how can I heal if I can't feel time?' really powerful). And the thought of having no purpose in life because of his condition and his wife's death is so overwhelming,that he has to create new identities and missions every cycle: that is a pretty tragic state of affairs. The film also has this nightmarish element to it: this guy tries to rely on 'facts', but that turns out to be pointless, facts can be reinterpreted or faked (as it turns out: he himself is doing the faking and misleading). The whole identity issue and the idea of someone trying to control their own story, or make their story the one that overrules all the others, fits in with Nolan's other work in many ways.

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