Take This Waltz 2012 ★★★★

Take This Waltz is one of those films that if you don’t find anything/anyone to relate to, then you won’t really enjoy it. Without the engagement that I felt I wouldn’t have appreciated it nearly as much, but it was constantly tugging on my heart-strings and I thought about it for days after first watching it.

Michelle Williams is one of my favourite actresses and her performance here is exceptional, as always. As the main reason I wanted to watch this film at all, her role in this anti-romance also meant that it was only too easy to compare this film to Blue Valentine, in which she starred alongside Ryan Gosling in 2011. Being able to make these comparisons so early on is what opens up the flaws to this film, not quite having the same raw emotion and character depth that Blue Valentine was brilliant for. Nevertheless, Take This Waltz is still a very heart-felt story as it looks at the more realistic come down of a relationship rather than the happy-ever-after’s we never seem to find (Yes, I’m a pessimist when it comes to love).

With the engaging story line being the film’s biggest quality, there were a few parts to the story that I felt were misplaced, mainly the “sex montage” at the end. Whilst the cinematography was constantly aesthetically appealing, in this scene especially, the montage of the character’s new lives together just didn’t fit with the rest of the film. This is where the story line took a bit of a wrong turn, but it does finally come back together in the end.

Whilst I can see the flaws that this film has, it was, again, the effect that this film had on me that made me see it as more than average. With a witty script and a couple of stunning moments, namely the fairground scenes, this is one of the films that stuck out most for me last year, although it is far from the best.


  • If all goes well, I will get this one from netflix this week. I admit that the prospect of Michelle and Sarah Silverman nude is what first drew my attention.

    But Williams is a superb actress, and I want to make my mission to see more of her work. (I also have Blue Valentine que'd up, for when I finish my Anna Kendrick mini-marathon)

  • They are naked quite a lot as well!
    Blue Valentine and My Week With Marilyn are both my favourite films, and I also love Williams' role in Shutter Island. I have a bit of a girl crush, I think.
    I've only recently started liking Anna Kendrick, disliked her in Twilight which put me off, but since What To Expect I've felt a little differently!

  • I loved "My Weekend with Marilyn". Michelle was astonishing in it, and it's what has caused me to want to watch her more.

    Anna Kendrick? Check out CAMP -- it's on netflix streaming. She has a small part and is only about 15 or 16, but she's the best thing about the movie. She's fantastic.

    Then there's "Up in the Air" -- when you can hold your own with Clooney, you know you're doing it right.

    Haven't seen "What to Expect", but word is she's the best thing in the film. (hmm, sensing a pattern?)

    I have 50/50 in the mail right now. It might be here today. Supposed to be very good.

    And then, of course, there's PITCH PERFECT. #LeSigh

  • I didnt like 50/50, but yeah shes definitely the best thing about What To Expect. Cant wait to see Pitch Perfect! Up In Air is on my lovefilm list too.

  • Well, I like her for all the right guy reasons.

    But she also comes across in interviews as intelligent, funny, and a little shy about herself. She seems genuinely likable, and that's rare -- especially for someone who went straight to the top, with a Tony nomination at age 13 and an Oscar Nomination at age 24 (in a starring role with George frikkin Clooney).

    Okay, cool. Anything else by Michelle W I need to see besides "Blue"? I have seen Marilyn, Shutter, and Brokeback. (have we had this conversation already on another post?)

  • Just finished this film. Still working through it. It's a difficult film to process -- but it's beautiful and painful.

  • Yeah it had the same effect on me, I was still thinking about it the next day, which is why I like it so much in the end. Give it a few hours haha :)

  • Yeah it had the same effect on me, I was still thinking about it the next day, which is why I like it so much in the end. Give it a few hours haha :)

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