The Vow 2012 ★★

The Vow seemed like it was constantly trying to be quirky but instead it was just unrelateable. Neither McAdams or Tatum fit their roles visually at the beginning of the film and because of this it was hard to engage with them. McAdams becomes her stereotypical role after having the accident - which I do not mean as a negative as she is a good actress - but Tatum's character remains unlikeable, and therefore it was hard to care. It just really lacked any heart. I found the story line to be ridiculous and unbelievable, though it did get better towards the end, and whilst I did enjoy the sentimentality in Tatum's narration, I won't be watching it again.


  • I agree with you on this movie's weaknesses.

    But it's funny to think of it as unrealistic when the script is apparently based on a true story!

  • Yeah, I mean it's never happened to me so I can't say how I would react! But she went from not caring at all to having sex with him (maybe?) in seconds, and then they didn't see each other for months and suddenly got together at the end again. And Tatum's character just made no effort it seemed, I didn't feel the love.

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