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  • All Is Lost 2013

    ★★★★ Watched 19 Apr, 2014 2

    J.C. Chandor's "All is Lost" is a remarkable cinematic exercise. With only a single character, no true dialogue, and the simplest of plots, the film is a successful attempt to tell a traditional and accessible story in manner that eschews traditional and accessible storytelling conventions.

    "All is Lost" is a spare and naturalistic fable that follows its only character on a journey of survival. Built on this simple and straightforward foundation, the film's audience spends nearly 100 minutes as Robert…

  • A Little Help 2010

    ★★½ Watched 03 Apr, 2014

    There is not a lot to "A Little Help" that has not been seen before. A typical, independent, character-oriented film that straddles the line between drama and comedy, "A Little Help" delivers a story that follows the recognizable beats of its type. There are semi-quirky characters, a focus on the intimate conflicts that compose lives, and a tone that vacillates from light to semi-heavy.

    Though it provides little new, "A Little Help" is watchable and nicely performed. Its story, dealing…

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  • Inception 2010

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 08 Jul, 2012 32

    "Inception," at its most basic, is two things. It is a heist film dressed in science fiction conventions; and it is a study of a man trying to free himself from a near-suffocating past. "Inception," at its more complex, is a cerebral pop-masterpiece. It is an enthralling combination of thought-provoking, layered story-telling and sumptuous aesthetics enhanced by near-flawless editing, sound design, effects, and musical score. Driven by a pitch-perfect cast and the confident directorial hand of Christopher Nolan, "Inception" is a brilliant and unrivaled piece of filmmaking.

  • Argo 2012

    ★★★★★ Watched 12 Oct, 2012 8

    From the opening Warner Brothers logo, to its end credits, "Argo" is a fully-engrossing and remarkably accomplished piece of filmmaking. Director Ben Affleck assembles a film that pays attention to the smallest of details while delivering on a grand dramatic scale.

    With both cinematography that adds a patina of grain to its naturalistic color palette and the film's immersive design details, the look of "Argo" is historically appropriate and eye-catching. The cast, led by a stoic Affleck and more-than-solid turns…