ParaNorman 2012 ★★★★★

"ParaNorman" is a treat for horror film fans much like "The Cabin in the Woods" was earlier this year. The film, sweet, soulful, and scary, pays tribute to the horror genre, but it is more than just an homage.

An adventure of friendship and finding importance in being different, "ParaNorman" is clever, charming, and slightly subversive. The characters are well-defined and memorable. The dialogue is sharp and delivered by strong, well-cast vocal talents. The most outstanding aspect of "ParaNorman," however, might be its animation: grotesquely stylized, yet strangely human. The film, overall, is exceptional: warm, chilling, and wonderful to look at.


  • Awesome! Can't wait to take the step daughter to see this on the weekend.

  • It was great! The theater was full of kids who were enjoying it, but I can imagine that it might give some of them minor nightmares.

  • Her favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas and loves books like Zombiekins (zomified teddy bear) and stuff like that. She's been dying to see this since she first saw a trailer... and I'll admit me too.

  • She'll be totally into it then! And you'll get a kick out of it too.

    "ParaNorman" has the potential to become a perennial Halloweentime favorite at my house.

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