The Host 2006 ★★★½

"The Host" is a good, old-fashioned monster movie elevated by interesting, care-inducing characters and some good, old-fashioned family melodrama. Well-shot and deceptively light-toned, the film is a strong and somewhat allegorical piece of entertainment.


  • Only 3 1/2? Curious to know more!

  • I'd add at least an extra 1/2 star for the funnies

  • I appreciated and liked the same things about it that you did, Julie (just read your review, by the way), but I didn't *love* the film overall. However, it's still early in the day, and I don't know how this may kick around in my head. Rumination might enhance its star rating.

  • Cool, I was just seeing if you had any specific problems with it. Not trying to sway you per se, I guess I'm just wondering what you meant by the use of "old-fashioned" =)

  • No problems with it all! I used "old-fashioned" because its connotations are more positive than "well-worn" or "standard."

  • right right right, I meant more like, examples. I'm obviously having trouble trying to formulate reasons why I don't think it's old-fashioned, so not sure why I expect you to...haha

  • Actually just re-watched this one a few days back but haven't gotten around to writing anything up yet. Agree with everything you said here, though my personal rating is a 4.5. Love the hell outta this film.

  • Jake, you should read Julie's review too if you haven't already done so. I look forward to reading your review when it happens!

  • Alright, will read it now! Hopefully I'll have my own up soon, I get distracted too easily to ever have anything done in reasonable time, heh.

  • Aw geez guys, thanks =) Travis, I'll have you know that I've been thinking all afternoon and evening about this movie and why/why not it would be considered old-fashioned and I just decided that I don't know enough about monster movies to be able to say anything to that effect. So even your shortest reviews are plenty thought-provoking!

  • Thanks, Julie, and I apologize for any headaches I've caused!

  • haha, good headaches, good ones. apology not accepted =) cause more.

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