Zombieland 2009 ★★★★

Could there be a better road trip/comedy/zombie movie than "Zombieland?" Yes, if there was one that didn't take a tone-shifting interlude to a certain movie star's house. That quibble aside, "Zombieland" is a clever and perfectly cast mix of amusement, heart, and zombie mayhem.


  • I really liked said interlude to a movie star's house the first time I watched it, but every time sense it's just felt like such an unnecessary diversion that completely wrecks the film's flow.

  • I realize that it's some people's favorite part of the film, and I really do enjoy that certain movie star; but, you're right, it's unnecessary.

  • The interlude certainly is unnecessary, and kind of annoying. That said, this is one of my favorite horror/comedies. I would say zombie comedies but I haven't watched that many (yet). Have you watched Shaun of the Dead? Also a great zombie comedy, with a lot of the same elements as Zombieland.

  • Agreed. I love "Shaun of the Dead!"

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