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  • Lady Morgan's Vengeance 1965

    ★★½ Watched 05 Aug, 2014 2

    What a shame! Long lost 1965 film from Massimo Pupillo turns up with wonderful print with stunning b/w cinematography and is such a let down. Starts well enough as the tale is set up but then seems to take forever to inform us of the terrible tale that will eventually unfold. As it happens, very average though the main bulk of the film is, when we finally get to the actual 'vengeance' it is another drawn out sequence but more…

  • Manhunt in the City 1975

    ★★★½ Watched 26 Jul, 2014

    This is a fairly decent Italian crime movie but I was expecting
    something a bit more special from Umberto Lenzi. There are some good sequences, including a very good car chase and things get particularly nasty with the vigilantes but I was expecting more of a revenge movie. So when the beginning becomes rather drawn out with more and more going wrong for our hero, I imagine the eventual revenge will be that much more fierce. Doesn't really happen, we…

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  • Strip Nude for Your Killer 1975

    ★★★★ Watched 27 Feb, 2013 1

    I didn’t think much of this when I first saw it and don’t think much of it now. It’s terrible really because the girls are great and it looks good most of the time with plenty of sexy kills. The title, salacious though it is, is pretty accurate, but the predictable tale plods along and in the end produces a killer we have not only not seen but did not know existed! Distortion on the soundtrack doesn’t help this one.…

  • Swept Away 1974

    ★★★★★ Watched 04 Dec, 2013 3

    Sensational film! What a discovery I consider this to be. I had never even heard of the (female) director before but am completely sold, not only ordering more right away but even ordering the Madonna remake that I wasn't even aware of. I'm sure that will be a disappointment but I wonder if it is really as bad as some make out, for this is a really tough little tale. Strong political and socio-political elements together with increasingly controlling and…