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  • Delivery Man 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 31 Jan, 2015

    I wasn't keen to watch a Vince Vaughan comedy, but this was a surprise. He is cast as a man with no life, going from thrill to thrill with no lasting commitments. This changes when the plot kicks in and you find a sweet comedy, not what I expected at all. The cast are great, though Chris Pratt steals the show and has the best moments. Cobie Smulders character is underwritten, but she does well with what she has. Vaughan…

  • Groundhog Day 1993

    ★★ Watched 07 Jan, 2015

    Seriously overrated film. This is not a classic. Nothing is explained, the character is not particularly likable and there are very few laughs. Not worth seeing.

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  • Sucker Punch 2011

    ★★★★ Watched 26 Aug, 2012

    Not perfect, but a lot better than I expected. The fight scenes are a bit like music videos, but this is fine, as the ideas and main characters are the drive here and not the action. It's not quite inception, but the film covers about as many themes and ideas as Snyder's watchmen, which is impressive for his first non-adaptation.

  • The Wolverine 2013

    ★★½ Watched 01 Jan, 2014

    While being better than X-men origins, I still would struggle to call this good. The story is weak, supporting cast are almost all 1 dimensional and the ending is both disappointing and unclear. Hugh Jackman was good, as ever, and the action scenes, particularly the bullet train sequence are fun to watch. It is doing something new with the character, which I appreciate, but I would have liked it to be better next time.