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  • Loving

    Loving 2016

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    Jeff Nichols continues to be the most talented director that continually disappoints me.

    Was pretty okay with this when I first saw it, but the more it sits with me, the more I kind of hate it. This is probably my favorite background story of a Supreme Court case and while I appreciate Nichols for not totally turning it into a typical Oscar TRIUMPH™ film, it feels just as shallow. Like Nichols doesn't fully understand what made this couple not…

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 2016


    Tim Burton used to be that cool guy who was in with the loser crowd (the artistic geeks, the emo kids, the weird people). He made movies that they could relate to in all their superficial ways.

    But most of his older fans have grown up and stabilized into normal people. The ones who don't occupy "normal" lives have otherwise moved on to other artists and filmmakers that show more depth than the kind Burton has to offer.

    Meanwhile, today's…

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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

    Watched 19 Dec, 2013 30

    Fucking Benihana.

    Some initial rambling thoughts and notes for a future more coherent review:

    -Jordan Belfort makes Calvin Candie look like a pleasant guy to be around.

    -This film makes The Departed look like a Disney movie.

    -"Two time Academy Award Nominee Jonah Hill"

    -"That Rob Reiner guy should act more."

    -Never thought I'd hear a Foo Fighters song in a Scorsese film, nevermind one that actually really fits.

    -It'll be interesting to see how the mass public reacts to…

  • 2012

    2012 2009

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    So now this film's existence is awkward.