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  • Everybody Wants Some

    Everybody Wants Some 2016

    Watched 25 Apr, 2016 1

    "Cats don't belong in fridges."

  • The 5th Wave

    The 5th Wave 2016

    Watched 20 Apr, 2016 1

    "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God" "Shit." "God"

  • Kung Fu Panda 3

    Kung Fu Panda 3 2016

    Watched 19 Apr, 2016

    It's slightly less reasonably entertaining than the previous two films, as this one seems to be in a far bigger rush to get to its end, but the animation is as gorgeous as ever* and its heart is still in the right place.

    *If Dreamworks is smart they'll hand a blank check to Jennifer Yuh Nelson to make whatever she wants to make next.

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation 2015

    Watched 15 Apr, 2016 2

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ultimately a victim of its own slow burn premise. Because we know this is a horror/thriller film, we know that what's going on in this party is definitely wrong, so the tiptoeing towards the inevitable ruins any potential this might have had. This is kind of sad considering this hints at interesting things to say about depression and grief, and Kusama's formal chops make this way more enjoyable than stuff like Coherence and You're Next, but it really just settles for surface pleasures, and I subsequently won't remember anything about this film in the morning.

  • Margaret

    Margaret 2011

    Watched 13 Apr, 2016 2

    Just one thing I want to talk about: Lonergan has this gift of making each and every dialogue scene make you switch how sympathetic you are to a character's point of view, even in the space of a single sentence. An argument between a student and teacher has you identifying with both characters as each says something that you can agree and disagree with. It's part of the film's truism that our difficulty in ever reaching a compromise is that we can't truly understand what everyone is going through. I wish more film dialogue showed this level of complexity in favor of overstylized theatrics.

  • Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike XXL 2015

    Rewatched 07 Apr, 2016

    Gets better and better each and every time I watch it.

    If the first film was Soderbergh applying his clinical style towards condemning sexual objectification, then Magic Mike XXL miraculously not only redeems the idea of sex work as something that can be beneficial for both parties, but does so coherently without disrespecting the seriousness of its predecessor's thesis.

    Gregory Jacobs directs this film as if Jim Jarmusch had attempted to a Minelli style musical, with diegetic numbers acting as…

  • Trainwreck

    Trainwreck 2015

    Watched 02 Apr, 2016 3

    Judd Apatow, for the love of God and all else that is holy, please find yourself an editor.

  • Spy

    Spy 2015

    Watched 27 Mar, 2016

    I have the flu which means my sense of humor is dead so I'm not in a place to judge whether I thought this was funny or not. Although Rose Byrne is in it so I'm going to assume it was.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

    Watched 23 Mar, 2016 1

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Wasn't that the same ending to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel 2013

    Rewatched 24 Mar, 2016 1

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Honestly I don't have that many problems with Snyder's direction here. If you're going to commit to a serious version of the Superman story (and I don't see an issue with that like others do), then the operatic approach Snyder is going for is what you need to do, and it's the only thing making Man of Steel watchable. Zack Snyder has never been that strong a director, mostly favoring surface stylizations over formal considerations, but Man of Steel has…

  • Superman Returns

    Superman Returns 2006

    Rewatched 22 Mar, 2016

    This film is sitting on a gold mine of a Superman premise: What if The Man of Tomorrow disappeared for a few years? What would happen to the world? What would happen to the people in his life? How would the world react if and when he came back?

    In a world where we prefer our protagonists to be anti-heroes and our outlook on life is increasingly cynical, there's so much room for great storytelling with this premise. Not just…

  • Superman III

    Superman III 1983

    Watched 20 Mar, 2016

    I actually kind of like this one. It's as if following the abandonment of Donner's vision they decided to make these films their own kind of individual James Bond esque adventures. Lester's a strong director of visual comedy and even when this film gets really dumb (which is often) it has a strong sense of rhythm.

    The only thing that bothers me deeply is that it comes with two really good ideas for Superman stories that it doesn't do anything…