Trash Cinema

Homework reviewed and graded in Episode 253 of the RowThree Cinecast.


  • 2 out of 3 ain't bad. :P

  • BTW, I just re-watched Crank last night and posted some updated thoughts on it:

  • The Fifth Element is so awesome. Love it.

  • I might not have heard about "Who Can Kill a Child" if Jay from Film Junk had not talked about it on their podcast. I had it on my Netflix DVD queue for a while and decided to watch it days before my baby boy was born, because I wasn't sure I would want to watch dark or violent films involving kids after I was a father (I still do, since I might be desensitized enough or have the mindset to know what's real and what's not).

  • Damn, I need to keep up with the Cinecast, I always miss out on the homework assignments and this one was right up my street.

  • I'd have added a bit of martial arts and something ultra-gory like The Story of Ricky, Machine Girl or Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl (although I'm starting to get tired of this new wave of Japanese splatter fests).

    We've got another weekend of trash coming up soon so keep an eye out for my write up on plenty more trash!

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