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  • Point Break

    Point Break 2015

    ★½ Watched 09 Mar, 2016

    If MTV Films had at the height of X-Games mania made a movie & deciding on it being a remake of a cult classic action film, this would be the result. A souless, unimaginative, attempt at making some money. As I make clear whenever dealing with a remake/re-imagining, I'm not against them nor do I hate them. So this isn't that.

    This is a film that really isn't even sure what it wants to be. Whether it's upset at being a…

  • Mama

    Mama 2013

    Watched 07 Mar, 2016

    Mama is a film that has sat in my horror backlog for a few years now & in randomly clearing some of that out, I randomly picked & got around to this. I would have been better off however, either leaving it in the backlog forever or eventually just deciding nah, I don't want to watch this. So why did I ever want to watch it to begin with? Two reasons. Goth bassist with black hair & tats, Jessica Chastain & Jamie Lannister, who…

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  • Martyrs

    Martyrs 2015

    ½ Watched 21 Jan, 2016

    I could go on & on about what made this so awful but instead I'll just tell you that you will hate yourself for watching this if you choose to do so, and wish you had been tortured instead. I may not have seen every horror remake ever, but I'm pretty confident calling this the worst one. And this is coming from a person that isn't usually a remake hater. It would have been better off being 100% remade shot for shot with the only change of course being in English this time, because what was changed, was done so for the worse in every way imaginable.