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  • Trainwreck

    Trainwreck 2015

    Watched 30 May, 2016

    It’s pretty unfair to compare anyone’s work to that of Sidney Lumet, but having watched Dog Day Afternoon
    only a couple of days before Trainwreck I couldn’t ignore how badly paced this was at times. Some scenes ran out of steam long before they came to an end while others others just flat out added nothing to the overall story and the transitions between comedy and more dramtic moments wasn't particualy smooth.

    That said I did enjoy stretches of this…

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon 1975

    Watched 28 May, 2016

    I know this is hardly a ground breaking opinion, but bloody hell Sidney Lumet was a talented man. During the course of this film he expertly manages to change the entire tone from highly comical, even verging on farce at a couple of points, all the way through to some of the most tense and gripping scenes I can recall seeing in a long time, before delivering a very sobering ending that will stay with me for a long time…

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall 1990

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 28 Jun, 2012 9

    I just love everything about this film: the practical effects; the over the top violence; Ronny Cox chewing the scenery like a man possessed, Michael Ironside’s sulky and snarling performance; Sharon Stone looking better than she ever has; Arnie’s super camp run after killing the gang lead by “Harry from verk”; the security guard who doesn’t even wait until he’s out of shot before giving up the chase after Doug Quaid smashes through the X-ray scanner, with a gun. There…

  • Moon

    Moon 2009


    Sam Rockwell gives a stunning performance as Sam Bell, a man coming to the end of a three-year stint working on the Moon supervising automated harvesters as they extract helium-3, alone except for a robot named GERTY. While out trying to repair one of the harvesting machines he’s involved in an accident and wakes up back inside the base, with little memory of the incident. Later he catches GERTY talking with his employers back on Earth and hears them instruct…